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Toenail Fungus Removal

Friday, 13 November, 2015

What is Pinpointe? Pinpointe is a new laser perfected for safely and effectively treating onychomycosis (toenail fungus). By targeting the fungus directly, Pinpointe gets to the source of the problem immediately. How does Pinpointe work? The Pinpointe laser sends tiny pulses of just the right frequency of light to pass through the toenail to the […]

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Speed Up Tattoo Removal

Thursday, 12 November, 2015

“I want it yesterday.” Tattoo removal is like that. Once the decision is made, we want it done. There is still no safe, non-scarring method for instant tattoo removal. The fact is that it takes multiple treatments to remove a tattoo. It ranges from 5 to 15 sessions. Sessions must be spread apart to avoid […]

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Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

“Great! Excellent service! The staff and doctor are absolutely incredible. Highly professional, courteous, and sensitive towards patients’ needs.”

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Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

“My initial fears of tattoo removal were wiped away- all of the doctors and staff are very helpful and willing to assist you at a moments notice!”

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Wednesday, 12 November, 2014

“My experience at the office for the past two times that I’ve been here has been great.  The doctor was able to calm me down in a positive way and it only lasted a minute?  Thank you for helping me join the U.S. Air Force!”

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A.C., Roselle Park, NJ

Tuesday, 11 November, 2014

“This is my 4th treatment, and you can see how much my tattoo is lighter compared to the first treatment. Dr. Joseph does such a fantastic job making this experience pain-free and easy!”

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Fungus Amongus

Wednesday, 29 October, 2014

When we hear the word “Fungus” unless it is in relation to some great new exotic mushroom we start to feel uneasy. Toes have been the unfortunate recipients of the unpleasant toenail fungus that can be very uncomfortable and disturbing to experience. I am sure that you have heard this cute little rhyme- “once the […]

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Goblins, Witches, Monsters… What Will Be Your Costume This Year?

Monday, 27 October, 2014

If you do not like that picture that you tattooed on your body- That is NO PROBLEM: We can take care of that for you! Hackensack Medical Laser offers non-scary, board certified, newest technology laser machines. We can even help you with your costume- ask Maria when you give us a call for your FREE […]

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Bye Bye Jeter…..we hate to see you go!

Wednesday, 1 October, 2014

Bye Bye Tattoo…we can’t wait to see you go! What a send-off that Derek Jeter just experienced. Hackensack Medical Laser has developed a group of fans (ok not quite as large as Jeter, but getting close) that is thrilled with their TATTOO removal. The Board Certified Medical Doctors provide top notch service- our fans will […]

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The Royals Are Adding To Their Bunch

Thursday, 11 September, 2014

The Royals are adding to their bunch…Kate Middleton wanted to keep this a secret for a bit longer but….. You do not have to keep your tattoo a secret any longer – Hackensack Medical Laser removes your tattoo using our advanced laser machines. Our Board Certified doctors provide our clients with a FREE CONSULTATION. Hackensack Medical […]

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