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Can Tattoo Removal Leave a scar?

The short answer: it’s possible with a less qualified provider.

When considering tattoo removal, a normal question is ‘will it leave a scar’?  Removal can leave a scar but it shouldn’t. Like most cosmetic procedures, your results will depend largely on the competence of the provider. Laser treatment should only be performed by or under the supervision of a physician.

Tattoo ink is unpredictable because there are no regulations for what it contains. The newest generation of tattoo removal lasers have multiple settings to adjust to the wide variety of cases. The depth of the tattoo, colors of ink and the person’s skin tone are factored into the selection of wavelengths and strength settings that should be used. A qualified physician is able to determine the type of laser to use, the proper settings, and the strength the patient can handle.

States outside of the NY – NJ area permit spas and minimally qualified and experienced techs to perform tattoo removal. Some less-qualified technicians do not have understanding of the nuance involved. They may use too strong of a setting and burn or scar the patient.

Therefore the most important factor in choosing a tattoo removal clinic is experience.  Many people focus on the questions like: How long is it going to take? Or, what type of laser do you use? The smarter questions that should be posed is How many treatments has this office done? What are the medical credentials of the person who will perform the treatment?

Tattooing itself causes scarring. If there is already scarring underneath the tattoo or that happened when the tattoo was applied, it will remain when the tattoo removal is complete. Tattoo removal will not remove the original scar. If parts of the tattoo feel raised, it likely received a scar when the tattoo was applied. When the tattoo ink is removed, the skin will still be raised in the same place it is today.