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Why Are Tattoos Permanent?

Thursday, 21 April, 2016

Ink is not quite permanent, but close to it. Tattoos can be removed through a few different methods, the best being the recently developed laser technology that heats the ink selectively so that it is absorbed in the body. Still, a course of laser treatments take time – months to more than a year.  On their […]

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Friday, 15 April, 2016

Everyone faces the challenge: how to remember your passwords. Some applications require numbers, some need symbols, others capitals and lower case, some need six characters, others eight. My WiFi wants 13. Who can keep track? Enter the electronic tattoo. A simple replacement for  passwords, it is equipped with sensors and antennas that allow it to […]

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Speed Up Tattoo Removal

Sunday, 20 December, 2015

“I want it yesterday.” or Speed Up Tattoo Removal Tattoo removal is like that. Once the decision is made, we want it done. There is still no safe, non-scarring method for instant tattoo removal. The fact is that it takes multiple treatments to remove a tattoo. It ranges from 5 to 15 sessions. Sessions must […]

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Why People Remove Tattoos

Wednesday, 16 December, 2015

A tattoo is self-expression. It’s inspired by where a person was psychologically and philosophically at the time. It may capture the feeling of a new romantic relationship, an angry rebellion, or sharing wild and carefree feelings with friends. It often comes from emotion and a tattoo is a reflection of feelings at the time. However, tattoos are […]

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Tattoo Removal Success Factors

Monday, 14 December, 2015

Some tattoos can be removed faster, some take more treatments. Also some tattoos completely disappear while some leave a slight residual “ghost”.  The factors that affect the number of treatments and the removal success are the tattoo’s color, age, size, location, layering and amount of ink. The patient’s skin color, scarring, and smoking Are also […]

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Tattoo Look Like After the First Treatment

Saturday, 12 December, 2015

A common question is ‘what will the tattoo look like after the first treatment. It differs for all patients but often tattoos appear frosted right after the laser hits them. As a result, some people believe that their tattoo has disappeared after one treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. The frosting dissipates after a few […]

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Can Tattoo Removal Leave a scar?

Thursday, 10 December, 2015

The short answer: it’s possible with a less qualified provider. When considering tattoo removal, a normal question is ‘will it leave a scar’?  Removal can leave a scar but it shouldn’t. Like most cosmetic procedures, your results will depend largely on the competence of the provider. Laser treatment should only be performed by or under the […]

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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Tuesday, 8 December, 2015

What is Laser Hair Removal? A procedure that removes hair from the body utilizing a long pulse laser. Laser hair removal has been in use since 1997. The treatment is performed by a doctor by pointing the laser device at shaved skin. Laser heat disables follicles from producing hair. Since hair grows in cycles, various […]

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Chinese Tattoo – Evil Bird Camphor

Monday, 16 November, 2015

A few observations on celebrities: They make good money. They have a lot of friends and know a wide circle of people. They like tattoos. They like unique, provocative tattoos. So when a celebrity actor, musician, or athlete wants a Chinese character tattoo, it seems reasonable that they probably include some Chinese people in their […]

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Toenail Fungus Removal

Friday, 13 November, 2015

What is Pinpointe? Pinpointe is a new laser perfected for safely and effectively treating onychomycosis (toenail fungus). By targeting the fungus directly, Pinpointe gets to the source of the problem immediately. How does Pinpointe work? The Pinpointe laser sends tiny pulses of just the right frequency of light to pass through the toenail to the […]

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