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Skin Pigmentation

When you look in that mirror are you happy?  Do you wish that some of those little (or not so little) sun spots could disappear?  You are not alone.

The causes of skin pigmentation (those brown spots) come from various sources.

One of the major causes is if you spend a great deal of time in the sun or in a tanning center or any other source of strong heat you are inviting skin pigmentation to your face.

Another cause could be due to the medication you are taking.  Certain types of medicines may cause skin pigmentation as a side effect of that drug.  This might present a conflict between taking a prescribed medication and the possibility of skin issues.

Some individuals have found that the skin around a wound can lead to increased pigmentation.

Remember when we told our teenagers that stress caused acne outbreaks?  Well stress can also produce increased melanin by skin the cells resulting in “skin spots”.

Our skin is very precious.  Just the number of creams on the market should give us a good idea of how important our appearance is to us.

The most successful manner of erasing those dark spots and dealing with skin pigmentation is through Laser Treatments.

Imagine visiting a spa like environment, having the newest laser treatment, and walking out with results soon to follow.

Hackensack Medical Laser is THAT place.  Our Board Certified doctors meet with each client for a FREE Consultation.  Through this discussion the patient is made aware of all details of the procedure, asks any questions they may have, and is able to voice any voices any concerns.

Hackensack Medical Laser provides day and evening hours to accommodate all of our clients’ needs.  Financing and a variety of “specials” make the experience affordable for everyone.  Free underground parking is an extra bonus!

Each day that you are “just thinking about” getting this procedure done is another day away from experiencing beautiful clear skin.

So, what are you waiting for?  Call today and book your free consultation!  We look forward to seeing you!