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Tattoo Look Like After the First Treatment

A common question is ‘what will the tattoo look like after the first treatment. It differs for all patients but often tattoos appear frosted right after the laser hits them. As a result, some people believe that their tattoo has disappeared after one treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. The frosting dissipates after a few minutes. The tattoo may look lighter than before or it may look even look darker for a few days. This is not cause for concern. Tattoo fading will actually happen when going about normal life, not in the treatment room.

Lasers are only a catalyst for the removal process. The laser breaks up the ink and then the body begins to metabolize it. The particles are washed through the system little by little.  So take a photo of your tattoo before treatment and then take more photos during the process to compare how much the tattoo has faded. Just a few weeks after the first treatment the tattoo will probably be noticeably lighter.

With each treatment, the ink is broken into smaller pieces which the body flushes through its system. So the body does most of the work, so the longer the wait between treatments, the more the tattoo will fade.