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Tattoo Removal Clinic

Tattoo Removal

The TATTOO, looks great……

But then…the day comes…. when you have broken up with the “True Love” or the butterfly is not as cute as it was a year ago and now we need the tattoo to actual “go away.”  In fact you are ready to get rid of it ASAP.

So you have decided to remove your tattoo- NOW WHAT?

Hackensack Medical Laser provides the latest technology in tattoo removal.  Our Board Certified physicians perform the laser procedure with fast, effective results and with no harm to the surrounding skin.

At Hackensack Medical Laser we treat our clients with the utmost of professionalism.  Our patients are put to ease knowing that they are in the hands of a true medical professional.  Our caring staff and beautiful facility provide the perfect combination for our clients treatment experience.

We accommodate both day and evening schedules.    We are available by phone and email for any questions and this has been very reassuring for our clients.  Hackensack Medical Laser supplies SKIN care products to ensure results with comfort.

Hackensack Medical Laser is conveniently located near all major highways.  Free underground parking is always a nice treat for our patients.  Payment plans and special offers are all part of the Hackensack Medical Laser office prior to the procedure.

Hackensack Medical Laser offers Free Consultations. We provide our clients with a complete overview of the tattoo removal procedure.  All questions, concerns, and directions are thoroughly covered by the doctor with every client prior to the procedure.

We have established ourselves as a premiere Laser facility in Northern New Jersey

Our patients come into Hackensack Medical Laser with the goal of eliminating there tattoo and we provide that and more for each of them.  No more wardrobe limitations, no more embarrassing conversations, no more limits on the jobs they can apply for, no more military denials, no more constant reminders of a past they’re ready to leave behind.