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Why People Remove Tattoos

A tattoo is self-expression. It’s inspired by where a person was psychologically and philosophically at the time. It may capture the feeling of a new romantic relationship, an angry rebellion, or sharing wild and carefree feelings with friends. It often comes from emotion and a tattoo is a reflection of feelings at the time. However, tattoos are more permanent than emotions. An outlook on life naturally evolves but ink stays the same.

Capturing a moment of time with a  permanent representation of a feeling is a natural, human artistic form. Yet when it is displayed on the body, often people feel quite differently than the emotions that inspired the art at the time. The depiction of them on their body is no longer accurate.  Other people make judgements based on a past, now false perception.

People change in life. A new career, a new relationship or a new social circle means that a tattoo-wearer faces obstacles. Others’ wrong perceptions are often impossible to overcome. It is simply human nature. To affect a change in life, a person needs to look like the type of person that he or she aspires to be.

Most patients we meet are removing tattoos because they no longer connect with the feeling or meaning behind the tattoo. Sometimes the tattoo is a painful reminder of a past phase of life they’re trying to leave behind. Other times a tattoo is limiting their ability to land a promotion, to find a partner or to be the role model they’d like to be for their kids.

Whatever the reason, it usually boils down to a desire to move forward with a different image. This makes tattoo removal as much of an inward process as it is an outward one. Removal is about taking control and making a decision to change.