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password tattooEveryone faces the challenge: how to remember your passwords. Some applications require numbers, some need symbols, others capitals and lower case, some need six characters, others eight. My WiFi wants 13. Who can keep track?

Enter the electronic tattoo. A simple replacement for  passwords, it is equipped with sensors and antennas that allow it to recognize certain devices, such as an iPad or smartphone. Basically the e-tat links itself to your device so it can override its password entry requirement and allow entry to email, Facebook…

The tattoos were developed by Massachusetts-based engineering firm MC10. They use flexible electronic circuits that attach to the wearer’s skin using a rubber stamp.  The tattoos, called Biostamps, we’re originally designed to help health care workers measure the health of their patients remotely and inexpensively

As a password tattoo, the electronics can be masked with traditional ink and blended into a design. For those who don’t want permanent body markings a stick-on tattoo is a  compromise.

Who says tattoos are just art?